Monroe Township and Cherished Cat Rescue

have joined forces to control the feral cat population in the township humanely.  If you have a cat colony in your life/neighborhood and would like help to get them humanely trapped and neutered simply go to the Township office and complete an application or click HERE to download.  That application will get scanned to the TNR (Trap~Neuter~Return) Coordinator. 


After completing and returning the application to the township, please also visit the Cherished Cats website ( and complete the TNR assistance form. The cats to be trapped MUST have a caretaker who feeds them regularly and provides them with shelter from severe weather conditions.  In most cases there is no cost to you to participate in this program.  This includes the spay/neuter, rabies and distemper vaccines and ear tip, and in some cases flea meds.   ALL CATS must come in a humane (live) trap. Cherished Cats has some traps available to borrow, and you will be trained in their use.